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How to be unfaithful and not to die trying it -

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How to be unfaithful and not to die trying it

Before developing this theme, we would like to clarify that not go into the ethical reasons to be unfaithful, we are positioned in either encouraging or not the same, we respect the individuality and free will of our Internet. Also please do not what you would have them do and in turn, keep in mind that lying is never good, it’s best to try to save or directly cut a relationship that does not satisfy you cheat on that person who has confidence in you.

For those who do not believe in polyamory and the relationship is based on the couple, an important aspect is fidelity; however, sometimes without looking or not, the time to be unfaithful is presented.

We could say that there are many ways to be unfaithful, even the most conservative thought typify infidelity, cyber infidelity or even making use of new technologies or the Internet. There is also a night infidelities, or occasion to speak; these, if not by the guilty conscience of one of those involved, are fairly easy to hide, but then infidelity or third relationship in the medium or long term is more difficult to maintain anonymity.

In previous articles and search the web, find information on how to catch a cheating, how to tell if your partner cheats us or not. Changes in routine are often the most obvious details of a person being unfaithful to your partner or trying to hide something, in this issue we’ve summarized the issues or making common mistakes are discovered infidels, and we become hidden tips to keep your mischief.

  • When answering a call in front of your partner or third parties involved, try to have a normal attitude, without leaving the conversation to keep secret and not only answer in monosyllables. Equally you can not rule out the call directly. This situation should be handled tactfully speak normally and deepen the conversation in a more timely fashion.
  • Keep your bedroom habits, never ignore the sexual requirements and be sure to encourage encounters, though you’re exhausted or exhausted must make the effort.
  • Beware of showers after hours, or get more perfume you left. Choose your site meeting with strategy, while you run record without risk of giving information. Rooms for LUXTAL time offer discretion and comfort.
  • The share passwords of your email, mobile, among others, is usually not indicated, but if your level of rapport with your partner reaches that level, do not change your attitude, or do not change the passwords to set it aside, this will be counterproductive, it is better to have a new hidden mail for these purposes.
  • Always keep the same habits in your personal appearance, normally when we start a relationship we care more we look and then relaxed, but when starting with a lover or as the meetings are less frequent these days tend to be more careful, because Error always but always watch your appearance so you will not notice the difference, watch your perfume, your clothes inside the same as usual.
  • Keep your affection and empathy usual, do not take negative or counterproductive attitudes. Similarly if you have a guilty conscience, do not try to fall back with special gifts or excessive filling with affection your relationship.
  • Keep your habits regarding your mobile phone and do not leave marks on him, our partners can depend on us but if you get a hint of doubt, though not accustomed examine ourselves mobile will be tempted or tempted to do even without us being account. If when you get home you get used to leave the phone unattended continuing this practice since the show a little more careful immediately sound the alarm; your lover you must instruct you not to send messages outside of a specified time or preferably limit your communication verbally or by a private mail (the computer erases only the history of the mail and not the full history and cookies ).
  • Do not abuse behaviors lengthen shifts in the office and “meetings” where you must turn off the phone to “do not disturb”.
  • Do not start “name” or “share” to friends who do not know your partner (also sites, restaurants or nightclubs) and not aludas that meetings are only genre to keep with you, you have to be more creative.
  • Do not insist that your partner is going on a trip or a meeting place for him away from home
  • Beware of social networking, from every point of view. From publications with your regular partner, as the use of private messages within the network, if you are very fond of the pictures do not make the mistake of uploading a trip or something, though it may seem logical recommendation is a common mistake.
  • If your lover is single or married, you usually look themselves known or disclose your relationship, watch this as it escapes from your control.
  • If your partner accuses you of cheating, do not answer or you leave angrily slamming the door, saying he can not stand his jealousy, nor show yourself indifferent or bored on the issue, talks and have defined a strategy. If you directly confronted with the name of your lover does not fall into the trap of denigrating or reveal negative aspects only, that will make you guilty.
  • Beware expenses (gifts, sites, etc.), trace with payment cards. Plan your budget and if you share account and your partner know your income. If you do not share account or your partner does not know your total income, monitors statements or proof of payment with them can be your partner to discover you relevant information.
  • Be especially careful if your lover belongs to the circle of everyday relationships, office, work, road work, meetings, neighbors (I) or friends (I). It is the most common, so are difficult to hide.
  • Use your own memory to record the number of contact, sometimes only to disguise the name is not enough, the most common trick is to put the name of a relative or friend and this can eventually cause the track to discover yourself. Call log also deletes only the call in question and not all the record because if you always reviews the phone without you noticing all history is erased awaken his suspicions. Do not delete the call history that she has heard that maybe find the time at which the received in his presence, use your imagination if you have to convincingly explain the call.

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