To contact with rooms per hour

To contact the rooms by the hour Luxtal, you can do it in two ways, either by phone, or by filling out one of the forms. For reservations by email or form, you must do it with 12 hours in advance. The schedule included to make the reservations by mail or form is from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. Outside these hours, give us a call.

Call rooms for hours Luxtal

Luxtal Barcelona 177         934 239 955

Luxtal Barcelona 123         933 250 050

Luxtal Madrid Cuzco           913 509 641

Luxtal Madrid Balboa       914 389 010

Write to rooms by the hour Luxtal

To reserve the night promotions place 12 hours and in the message realize the observation. For other promotions it is not necessary, since they are applied automatically. The promotions are subject to the specifications that are detailed in every paragraph or to the schedules of the place.

If he wishes a room in particular indicate it in its message and this one will be assigned to him according to availability of the moment, of not being available, we will assign to him a room of the same type. If he wishes the swing it must indicate it in the message.

For doubts, consultations or any suggestion or incidence, refill the form of the right and he will be able to contact with us.

It will receive a mail (I checked spam folder if it does not come to its entry mailbox) with the information that he has sent to us and then other where we will confirm its reservation or will attend to its consultation.

Past 15 minutes of the reserved hour, if you have not come, the reservation will be annulled automatically. To maintain the same one, it must call us and report of its delay to update the hour in which it will come.

Your reservation or inquiry will not be effective if you do not receive an email from us confirming your request, we inform you that receive a copy of the data sent and then confirmation or response. If you do not receive any mail, please call one of the contact numbers.

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