An affectionate, healthy and happy relation, it is one of the biggest mysteries of our human condition and it is one of the intangible assets for that most of the persons long. In our current world the stress and the absence of time lead us in most of the occasions to without cultivating properly our couple relations. We are always thinking “where we go” and not “where we are”. Where are we?, here and now. This moment is really everything what exists: why not to put all your attention?

The armchair tantra is a sexual, built toy of handmade form, with a soft perfect curve for the mutual understanding of the couple. The armchair tántrico helps to improve the positions of the kamasutra inviting the couples to experience new sensations, obtaining the maximum pleasure in the armchair tantra.

Ideal to experience new positions of the kamasutra and to increase the sensations on having made love. To prove positions that otherwise it would be more difficult and to do it of comfortable form and fluently. In the armchair tantra it extends the positions variety tántricas and invites him to live through adventures with major intensity.

Is it necessary to know of Tantra or Sex Tántrico to enjoy the most advanced sexual positions of the Kamasutra? Surely not. If you are interested in experiencing new and exciting sexual positions with facility, serviceability and fluency, any of these couches will turn into a wonderful complement in its sexual life. Our intention is not to offer him a way of tuning in spiritually to the others, but of raising to the maximum the emotion and the pleasure in its affectionate meetings.