The rooms by the hour are specially acclimated for love, with strategically placed mirrors to give an erotic vision that complements the occasion , lighting of different shades that can be adjusted according to your liking and acclimate .

Historically it has been known that color has a great influence on the mood . But the colors not only affect mood, also influence emotions and feelings .

Chromotherapy or color therapy is a method of harmonization and aid natural healing of certain diseases by color . The colors correspond to vibrations that have speeds , lengths and rhythms of different waves. These exert a physical, mental and emotional influence of which we are not aware of our vital energy we facilitate the healing process .

The use of colors in the prevention and treatment of diseases, is based on the fact that the senses have a great influence on the mind , making it permeable to humans as the information it receives .

Humans perceive the colored light vibrations can assimilate and exploit their energy to regulate your body disorders .

Many times , these vibrations are altered for different reasons , which colors therapy gives us the ability to counteract these changes are simple and effective way .

Color is a language of the soul and affect us in different ways :

  •     Influence our mood and emotions.
  •     Have great influence on the energy that flows through our body.
  •     Affect our sense of well being.
  •     The colors we use shed light on the way we are.
  •     Our perception of space is also influenced by the colors.