¿Do I have condoms in the room?

In Love Hotel Madrid two condoms are included in each reservation. In rooms by the hour Barcelona find a condom in the room and also have them in the catalog of erotic products or can order them before entering or from the room at an affordable price.

¿Is all kinds of couples accepted?

Of course all kinds of couples is accepted, there is neither any type of preference, nor restriction.

¿Does the price of the room include drink or something additional?

The price includes the time for which he has paid, inside the room it will have clean sheet, clean towels, gel of bath, dental kit, and comb. The promotion of rooms for hour of Pack Romántico if it includes in its price a bottle of wine-cellar and salt for the jacuzzi.

¿Do they have any type of decoration for birthday or anniversaries?

We arrange of kits that include some elements of decoration, these they are at its disposal across a letter in the room or it can consult them across this web, in the sexual toys. On the other hand if you want a special or particular decoration it must bring it so that we could prepare it for him, any time it expires with the norms of the place. For major information call us.

¿Can we be more than two persons?

Yes, the rooms per hour Luxtal is of big category, largeness and serviceability. According to the type of room there is a maximum persons capacity, and of course the price changes for groups. It can consult in a more detailed way the tariffs calculator or in the description of every type of room per hour.

¿Can I reserve a particular room?

Yes, it can do its request and we will look for the way of liking as for the requested room. Nevertheless, given to event or events that can happen or the availability, the reservation will be subject to the same one. Our efficiency in this topic is 95 % since our clients are our priority.

¿Can I pay on having gone out?

The rooms politics per hour Barcelona and of Love Hotel Madrid, Luxtal, is always to charge for passing, so much the service of room or the secondary services. If, after entering, you request to lengthen the demurrage or one of our services, he can pay it on having gone out, nevertheless the advisable thing is to pay it to the moment.

¿How can I pay?

Love Hotel Luxtal takes pleasure in offering to him the different accessible forms of payment on the market, can pay in cash and this way guarantee its privacy, or across card of debit or credit, for which it will have to be identified to validate that the card him belongs. It is important that he knows that the statement of account or in the receipt there him will appear neither the word Luxtal nor rooms per hour, this way it will have tact although he pays with card.

¿Can I leave my baggage in Luxtal?

In Love Rooms Luxtal we have not slogans or place for baggage storage, therefore we do not keep baggage or bundles.

¿Can I come earlier?

Yes it can come earlier, but it is subject to the availability of the moment, if we have spare room immediately we assign it to him, if we do not have in the moment we will look for the alternative of another type of room or he will have to wait at its hour or to a previous unemployment. It is always advisable that calls us before these cases, the rooms per hour Luxtal takes pleasure in being able to canalize all its needs.

¿What happens if I do not come at my reserved hour?

In the rooms per hour Luxtal, the time is essential since our service is based on the same one, for what fifteen minutes spent the time of the hour of the reservation, if you have not come we will arrange of the room, skylight is that if it calls us to indicate us that it is going to be late we it will maintain the reservation.

¿Is it possible to extend the reservation, being now in the room?

In Luxtal possible extend the reservation what is important is that you advise as soon as possible to adjust the dial, if the place is full and no later reservations regret to inform you that it is not possible to extend the reservation, if there are superior rooms I do not have.

¿Is there parking nearby?

In the Rooms per hour Barcelona, we have parking lot in the same building, and the places are on foot of parking lot. This parking lot is public. The same way it consists of two underground parking lot plants in which its car will remain more secret and you will be able to gain access to the places for the elevator. Also he has a fifth parking plant. The rooms per hour Luxtal will cover the parking lot, to the only car, the time of hour and a half, the remaining parking time or the additional cars run due to the client.

In Love Hotel Madrid, he has the Parking lot of the building Eurobuilding, there is different Parking lot publics and the blue area.

¿Is it possible to cross with other people?

The Luxtal Love-Hotel in Barcelona and Madrid, have a main door, where he is received at a reception, the door is open when the reception is free and there are no other people or couples in the same. Also leave room for a policy that we must call reception via the intercom that is located in the rooms, so you know if you can find out without other people. Fulfilling this policy will not be possible to cross with other people.

¿Can we come without reserve?

In rooms per hour Barcelona and Rooms per hour Madrid, can come without reserve previous, but it will be subject to the availability of the moment. This means, that it can or there is no availability and the price can change according to the type of room that available beech.

The rooms per hour Luxtal recommends to do previous reservation to him, with at least an hour of advance.

¿Should I give my personal details?

It is not necessary to give its personal details, unless he pays with card. If he pays with card and its stay exceeds 100 euros it is obligatory to note down in the security of the card its number of identification.

Its rooms reservation for hour can be done by an any name, which will have to give it on having come.

¿How I can book?

You can book rooms for Luxtal timeby phone

Love Hotel Madrid 91 350 96 41

Hourly Rooms Barcelona 93 325 00 50 – 93 423 99 55

Or via this link http://www.luxtal.es/love-hotel/en/to-contact-i/ filling the respective form.